OLD GUYS RULE Men’s Graphic T-Shirt, Freedom Star – 4th of July, Memorial Day – Patriotic Tee for Veterans, Military Family


Product Description

Old Guys Rule, Mens T-Shirt, Gifts for Men

Old Guys Rule was created to embrace a new breed of guys who have incredible energy, a passion for life, wisdom gained from years of experience and the time to spend doing the activities they enjoy.

Shortly after the company’s launch into retail, Don realized that the “Old Guys Rule” motto extended beyond the surfing community to men from all walks of life who see age as a “Badge of Honor,” not an impediment. The once local t-shirt company evolved into a lifestyle brand with apparel and accessories that speak to men from around the world with passions ranging from surfing, golf and grilling to hot rods, motorcycles, sports, and more.

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Quality T-Shirt for Quality Men

The perfect gift for the men in your life – this couldn’t be a greater gift-giving opportunity! We bet that he’ll appreciate the gesture and he’ll be wearing the shirt for a long, long time to come.

Made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton that runs true to size, this premium T-shirt can be machine washed and tumbled dry medium.

Biker, Old Guys Rule, Man on Motorcycle

Fishing, Fishing with Grandpa, Outdoors

Grandpa and Grandson, Grandpa, Old Guys Rule

The Perfect Gift for Your Old Man

Whether it’s your husband, dad, grandpa or uncle, this is by far the ultimate gift you could get them. Just make sure they’re not too sensitive about their age!

No One is Too Young for This

Unless you are 30 years old, this T-shirt is just what you need to show off your untamed style and your unique ability to grow even more handsome the older you get!

For the Man That Defies the Odds

Our unique T-shirt design is NOT for the man who has given up on life. On the contrary, it’s for the man that keeps looking better and better with age and challenges everything that life’s throwing at him!

old guys rule, fishing, old guys, dad, uncle, grandpa

Our Message:

There comes a time in your life when comfort meets substance. When all your hard work seems to have paid dividends, and the world is at your command. All the things you hoped you could do someday, you are doing. The toils of your youth are now your experiences… No longer the student, but the teacher.

To celebrate your accomplishments, we offer up Old Guys Rule to be worn as a badge of honor for a life well spent, but not nearly over.